Mamiel Co., Ltd.
CEO’s Greetings
a company that is always with its customers
I’ll take the leap forward as a global GREAT COMPANIES MAMIEL.

The new 21st century is a digital economy represented by a knowledge-based society.

Innovative advances in digital technology have brought about a new paradigm shift across industries

As a result, the electronic components industry leads the growth of the electronics industry

It has played a role as the most important industry in determining the competitiveness of other industries.

Therefore, procuring semiconductor components of higher quality and performance quickly and economically is not the case

It is one of the best goals a company pursues and one of the decisive factors that determine its competitiveness.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of the customer, to ensure that the customer’s ideals become a reality,

We are doing our best to provide the best service by developing and designing the products our customers want.


Please watch it with a lot of interest and love.


Thank you.


Ahn Sangjoon