Product development

Mamiel Co., Ltd.
Developed products
Mamiel established the R&D Center in 2005, signed the Value Added Reseller (MCU VAR) contract with ATMEL in 2005 and STMicroelectronics in 2007 to highly appreciate its deep engineering capabilities and experience.
Meanwhile, Mamiel R & D lab developed door locks, respiratory analyzers, LED stands, water purifiers, air purifiers massagers, low frequency polar thermostats, and SMPS. It also established a PD department to help customers develop and provide all the services needed to develop products, including circuit design, PCB artwork, firmware and instrument design.
We will do our best to satisfy our customers through close follow-up services and management, not simple development.
Hardware development
  • Analog circuit design
  • Digital circuit design
  • MCU circuit design (STM8, STM32)
  • DSP circuit design (TI C2000, C6000)
  • WiFi & Bluetooth & Zigbee Circuit Design
  • Capacitance Touch Sensor Design
  • BLDC motor driver design
  • SMPS and power control circuit design
software development
  • Small household appliances (MP3 player, thermometer, water purifier, dryer, battery charger)  
  • Industrial controllers ( Inspectors, air conditioners, heater pumps, automation equipment,  PLC programs)  
  • Wireless Module (Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee)  
  • Sensor controller (Ultrasonic, Infrared, Proximity, Touchdown, Gyro,  Temperature and Humidity, GPS)
Hardware PCB Artwork
  • Design for phenol, epoxy, FR-4, FPC, metal PCB  
  • Single to Multi-layer PCB Design  
  • Buildup PCB Type B, C, E  RF Board (Bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee) Design  Impedance matching design  
  • Designed for mass production  
  • Application of customer data management  
  • Rich design experience and technology  
  • Various data sharing and guidance
LED application, inspection equipment and mass production
  • LED Constant Current Driver Development  
  • LED lighting equipment development  
  • LED module development  
  • Visual inspection equipment development
  • Development of equipment for mass production inspection
  • Mass Production Service
Security Solution design and support for Device Security Protection
  • Firmware integrity protection
  • Private key protection
  • Cryptography Operation
  • Attestation